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Looks impressive right?? I hardly ever make desserts… definitely not cakes BUT I made this Oreo & Malteser ice cream cake in about 30 minutes for my little one’s 8th birthday last month and then made a cookie dough one this past weekend for my daughters 14th!.. 

It’s so MUCH easier than it looks… hope you give it a go!!


Serves: 16 Prep Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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  • 2 packs Oreo cookies (about 300g)
  • 100g softened butter
  • 4 x 480ml softened Oreo ice cream tubs
  • 175g maltesers
  • TOPPINGS: Selection of Oreo ice cream cones, Oreo ice cream sandwiches, Oreo chocolates and cookies for the top, edible glitter


1. Line a 9” spring-form cake tin with parchment paper, I use butter to stick the paper to the tin
2. Blitz the Oreo’s and butter in a food processor, press into the bottom of the cake tin and freeze for half an hour to set
3. In a large mixing bowl tip in the Oreo ice cream tubs and mix with the matertesers, immediately fill the cake tin with the mixed ice cream, smooth the top so it’s level and placed back in the freezer for 20 mins
4. When the ice cream is almost set but still has a little give, remove from the freezer and decorate with the Oreo ice creams, chocolates and cookies, pop it back in the freezer until needed
5. Remove from the freezer, release from the tin and place on a cake plate, sprinkle on the edible glitter if using and leave for about 10 mins before cutting to soften slightly
6. Enjoy!

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