Vegetarian Sushi Cake

by Zarina
Vegetarian Sushi Cake

Number 2 in my sushi series for you guys today is my mini veggie sushi cake!

Seasoned sushi rice sits on the bottom topped with a layer of cucumber, radish, then avocado tartare, which is diced small and seasoned with soy, sesame oil, Sriracha, Japanese mayonnaise, chives, and furikake (Japanese seasoning made up of sesame seeds, salted shiso leaf, and nori).  On top of that is Tamagoyaki, a Japanese layered and seasoned egg omelette topped with more sushi rice and some fanned cucumber and radish. Decorated with tempura nori shards for some crunch, spicy Sriracha mayo, and an edible flower.

Vegetarian Sushi Cake

Vegetarian Sushi Cake

Serves: 1 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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  • 300g Cooked Sushi Rice
  • Dash of Sushi Rice Vinegar to season the rice
  • 2 tsp Furikake Japanese Seasoning
  • 1 Avocado diced small
  • 4 tsp Light Soya Sauce
  • 1 tsp Sesame Oil
  • 2 tsp Sriracha
  • 2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise (I used Kewpie)
  • 1 tbsp Chives finely chopped
  • 1 Small Lebanese cucumber peeled in stripes and diagonally cut into thin slices
  • A handful of thinly cut half-moon-shaped radish
  • Sesame oil to grease cooking ring
  • GARNISH: Nori sheet cut into strips and tempura fried (see below), edible flower



I used a recipe from this link, made it in a round frying pan, and cut it with the cooking ring according to the size I needed; however, if you didn’t want all the faff, you could easily make a normal omelette in a round shape!


Search under recipes on my site for ‘Crispy Light Tempura Vegetables.’  This recipe is for more than just a few nori shards, so make some vegetable tempura to accompany your sushi cakes, or leave out the nori shards if you prefer.


3” cooking ring with pusher 

  1. Place cooked hot sushi rice in a wooden bowl and season with sushi rice vinegar, 2 tsp soya sauce, and 1 tsp furikake. Mix well and cover with a damp tea towel.
  2. Make the tamagoyaki omelette as described in the recipe link above (optional), or make a round egg omelette in the shape of the cooking ring, set aside.
  3. Make the tempura nori shards as described above (optional) and set them aside.
  4. Place avocado in a bowl with 2 tsp soya sauce, sesame oil, 1 tsp Sriracha (less if you don’t want it too spicy), 1 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise, 1 tsp furikake, and mix carefully not to mush up the avocado, set aside.
  5. Set aside in a small bowl, mix the remaining 1 tsp Sriracha and 2 tbsp Japanese mayonnaise.
  6. Grease or brush the inside of the cooking ring and with a little sesame oil, grease your chopping board a little too so the cake can be easily removed
  7. Place the cooking ring on the greased board and fill 1/3 way up with the seasoned sushi rice. Flatten the rice with the ring pusher
  8. Add a fanned layer of cucumber and then another fanned layer of radish on top of the rice.
  9. Fill another 1/3 way up with the avocado tartare and flatten a little with the ring pusher trying not to squash the avocado too much.
  10. Add the tamagoyaki on top of the avocado and top with the remaining sushi rice, flatten with the ring pusher.
  11. Slowly lift the ring upwards and add carefully remove it. Add a fan of alternate cucumber and radish slices, making a pattern as shown in the picture.
  12. Drizzle the Sriracha mayo over the top and decorate with the tempura nori shards and edible flower
  13. Serve immediately and enjoy!
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